A short history of the Ergo T

As a meditator for nearly twenty years, I have sat for most of those years on a buckwheat zafu.  Traveling to Brazil for retreats in the rain forest stimulated a search for an alternative that could be transportable, compact and easy to set up on the ground in the forest.  In reducing the bench down to a single leg to achieve more compactness and lighter weight an unexpected benefit resulted:  the slight increase in attention required because of the lessened stability of the single legged bench.  There is also a noticeable increase in the gentle engagement of the spine in this process which seems to be of benefit especially during long periods of sitting.

As a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher, I have been looking for an aid to sitting meditation that participants who are a little older and less flexible can use to sit on the floor.  The kneeling position with the Ergo T has been an alternative to the traditional sitting zafu cushion that has been popular with these students.  It is also easier to carry eight or ten Ergo T benches to class than eight or ten zafus.

As a mindfulness student I am very grateful for the teachings and my many teachers. As a way of practicing the perfection of gratitude, all profits resulting in sales of the Ergo T will be used to support spiritual teachings and teachers.