The Ergo T


The Ergo T wooden kneeling bench comes as pictured to the right with a one quarter inch medium density foam pad bonded to the surface.  The finish is natural birch (light or blonde).

Two additional pads are available for the Ergo T:

1/4 inch thick medium density foam (bonded to the std. bench gives 1/2 inch total padding)

3/8 inch thick surgical quality gel pad (the best padding for sitting long periods)

Bench Sizing: Sizes vary by 1/2 inch starting at 6 1/2 inches for the small bench measured at the front edge. The extra-large bench is 8 inches.

A medium bench is suggested for meditators of average heights of 5 feet 4 inches up to 5 feet 10 inches. This is just a rough gauge and it seems meditators who are a little older or less flexible should try one or two sizes larger.


Precautionary note:  The Ergo T should not be used by persons weighing more that 250 pounds.  It should not be used by persons with balancing difficulties as the bench is inherently unstable.  It should not be used as a sitting stool with feet on the ground or floor, but only as a kneeling bench.

IMG_0721  IMG_0722  IMG_0723  IMG_0724



Ergo T Bench with 1/4" Foam Pad = $80
Ergo T Bench with 1/4" Foam Pad and 3/8" Gel Pad = $115
3/8 inch gel pad = $30